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Ryen Yvonne Davis 

September 24, 2013-January 28, 2014

Jameelah and Luther Davis gave birth to their daughter Ryen Yvonne Davis, a  beautiful, energetic, smart baby girl who graced this earth for only 4 short months. On the night of huge snow storm in Atlanta, on January 28, 2014, Jameelah and Luther found Ryen unresponsive and not breathing. It was the worst day of their lives. Life turned into nightmare as it was seldom that they had someone who truly understood their pain. Suicide attempts, arguments, anxiety, and depression ensued.  Life seemed unmanageable and unbearable. But God. With God’s grace and guidance, Jameelah and Luther defied all odds and came out stronger and closer than ever. They each earned bachelor and graduate degrees, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, purchased their first home and exchanged vows. They felt it was their due diligence to pay it forward. 


Since 2015, a year after losing their daughter to SIDS, it became evident that their story as well as other women needed to be heard all around the world. With that, they began using Instagram as a tool to connect with other Angel mothers and fathers, allowing them to share their stories with the world. The outpour of support from fellow angel families and those who had never heard of such tragedies caused for an immense sense of healing and community. Ryen’s Divine Angels, a non profit organization, was founded on the need to make Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness a national cause that receives as much attention as other important causes such as breast cancer awareness and domestic violence awareness. Coincidently, October is the awareness month for all three causes, but many do not know that Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness even exists. The reason we don’t hear much about Pregnancy and Infant Loss is because parents hold a lot of guilt, depression and embarrassment after the loss of child,  which in turn causes them to grieve in silence. It is their goal to break that silence, which will not only inform others but save angel families from self destructive behavior. Over 900,000 families experience the loss of a pregnancy and/or infant via miscarriage, still birth, SIDS/SUID (Sudden Infant Death/Sudden Unexpected Infant Death), and various causes explained and unexplained.  


RDA is committed to making Pregnancy and Infant Loss a national concern through awareness, education and the promotion of mental health through counseling and spiritual guidance. It is their hope to uplift angel families, empowering them to share their stories and encouraging them to heal properly and healthily. Ryen’s Divine Angels dedicated to the prevention of pregnancy and infant loss through awareness, education and research. RDA is also an organization that offers bereavement service assistance to families who have been financially burdened by such losses. 

Jameelah Davis 


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